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My Kind Organics by Garden of Life


My Kind Organics by Garden of Life

Eric Branch

While there is no replacement for a healthy, well balanced diet, there is most definitely a difference in the vitamins that you can use to help supplement your diet. Most store bought vitamins contain whopping doses of ingredients, both naturally derived, and synthetic, that your body often cannot even fully utilize, and sheds.

My Kind Organics, by Garden of Life are a wonderful alternative to the heavily processed, lab created vitamins that you will find on grocery stores and pharmacies. Made from only real foods, including 30 fruits, vegetables , and herbs, My Kind Organics are 100% vegan, gluten free, and contain absolutely zero synthetic binders or fillers.

Each type of vitamin contains a specially formulated combination of whole, naturally derived vitamins and minerals, specially formulated for the dietary needs of men or women. My Kind Organics are specially balanced blends that are easily absorbed by the body, providing maximum benefit and health.

Come in to talk to one of our staff members about My Kind Organics, made from only real, nutritious food!