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Just In: Berry Flavored SWORD Hydration Solution


Just In: Berry Flavored SWORD Hydration Solution

Eric Branch

Have you tried SWORD hydration? 

Created by two doctors who are athletes, SWORD Hydration is a unique hydration product that is recommended before, during, and after strenuous physical activity, in order to prepare for, cope with, and replace lost fluids, nutrients, and vital minerals.

SWORD Hydration uses no substances that have been banned by the NCAA< USADA, or WADA, and allows you to maintain proper levels of water, sodium electrolytes, and carbohydrates in a very drinkable solution that is lightly sweet, while maintaining the "feel" and flavor of water, with no bloating or feelings of discomfort.

If you are an athlete that is looking a new, unique, and fantastic way to stay hydrated, stop into Eddie's Health Shoppe today and pick some up!