Mega Food
All Natural Nutrient Boosters
Mega Food is dedicated to crafting the
highest quality whole food supplements
possible, which means starting with a 
variety of fresh,, nourishing foods. This
includes fresh carrots for carotenoids, 
broccoli for folate, whole green cabbage
for vitamin K, oranges for vitamin C,
organic brown rice for vitamin E,
antioxidant rich fruits like cranberries
and blueberries for protective phenolic
compounds, and nutritional yeast for
B vitamins and minerals.

New Products:

  • Barlean's MCT and CLA Oils
  • Pocket Fuel Almond Butter Blends
  • EPIC Protein Bars
  • Fit Sweets Cupcakes
  • Huma Chia Based Energy Gels
  • Garden of Life Organic Line
  • ZenEvo Dark Chocolates

This Week's Featured Product

Jamal Lewis in Store Appearance!

(Yes, you read that right)

Mark your calendars, ladies and gentlemen, as Former UT superstar, NFL running back,

and Superbowl champ Jamal Lewis will be visiting Eddie's Health Shoppe on

Saturday August 16th, from 1 to 4 pm! He will be here to meet folks and to talk about

new sports supplements from Finaflex.

Get here early to take advantage of some product specials, and be sure to check out 

our sister company, Knoxville Performance Lab, located just next door!